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Allen-Bradley Power and Energy Management Solutions: PowerMonitor 1000, EnergyMetrix, and PowerMonitor 5000 Series

Unlock the next level of efficiency with Allen-Bradley’s power and energy management systems. Dive into the robust PowerMonitor 1000, the analytics-driven EnergyMetrix, and the comprehensive PowerMonitor 5000 series for optimal energy utilization and savings.

Power and Energy Management

1403-DMA Allen-Bradley

AUD $639.71
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1403-DMB Allen-Bradley – Powermonitor II Display Module

AUD $700.00
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1404-DM Allen-Bradley

AUD $503.97
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1405-M610 Allen-Bradley – MINI POWER MONITOR

AUD $702.12
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1405-M620-480 Allen-Bradley

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1420-V2 Allen-Bradley

AUD $667.00
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